Nepal Handicraft Export is one of the biggest handmade products manufacturing companies in Nepal. We produce our own handmade handicraft products such as handmade felt wool products, handmade woolen products, handmade singing bowls products, handmade Gorkha khukuri products, handmade pashmina products, handmade statues products and many more using local resources by local Nepalese people. We do not compromise on the quality and offer wholesale prices.

Our felt products & woolen products are handmade by 95% local Nepalese women. We give priority to the woman and we are producing 100% handmade products. Our factory is promoting the employment of women. We additionally keep up with enough paid training opportunities for all our employees to develop skills and to make very good quality felt products. Sometimes we will arrange events refreshment party for all our employees to make happy.

We work for very big felt companies in different countries like the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Japan, Australia and work for some big exporters in Nepal. Nepal Handicraft Export vows to give “Joy for all.” It implies making individuals more joyful and getting grins to more individuals in the world, through our superior felt products.

Nepal is rich in natural beauty and natural destinations. Blessed with innumerable gifts of nature, the country is full of wonders serenely complimenting the state of solitude. There are no words to truly describe Nepal’s natural wonders and the grandeur of the snowy Himalayan peaks. Rich in cultural heritage, with the magnificence of Mount Everest and the Himalayas as a backdrop, landlocked Nepal remains one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world.

At long last let us explain our profit plan for the Nepal Handicraft Export. We have committed to donating part of our profits to children’s education in Nepal. In some rural areas, because of poverty, children do not have access to proper educational opportunities. We hope to improve the education environment in Nepal by giving financial support to building libraries and repairing school buildings damaged during the rainy season, and providing textbooks & stationery. By supporting local schools in Nepal, we hope we will give smiles back to the children, who will become the next generation.