Grey Felt Wool Pet House


our cat deserves a luxurious bed for napping, grooming and socializing. The all-natural wool is soft, durable and easy to clean. It’s handmade in Nepal from high-quality New Zealand sheep wool. Its form is flexible to provide an enclosed space that’s perfect for a hideout or it can be folded down for an open-bed experience. The felt wool pet house is handmade to exceed your cat’s comfort and fun requirements. The unique design is flexible to provide an enclosed space for your cat, or you can fold down the bed for an open-bed experience.

This eco-friendly felt wool pet house is made from 100% pure, natural, non-toxic wool that meets and exceeds the needs of your furry friend while being safe for pets and people. They are made from sheep wool from New Zealand.

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Details of Grey Felt Wool Pet House

☆ Colors: Available in 20 best hand-picked colors.

(CUSTOMIZATION will require additional 5-10 business days for fulfillment)

☆ 100% Pure Wool/Felt from New Zealand
☆ Pure Handmade
☆ Eco-Friendly
☆ Made using felting/needling technique
☆ Azo-free dyes
☆ Color: White B: Brown C: Beige D: Grey E: Pink F: Blue G: Purple H: Orange
☆ Lead time 45 – 90 days + shipping
☆ MEASUREMENTS: -Height: 38cm approx. -Base: 40cm approx. -Opening: 17cm approx. -Tail: 54cm approx.


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