Tendril Design Felt Cat Cave


This gorgeous felt cat cave is made out of 100% high-quality wool and is professionally handmade. The Felt Cat Cave is a great option for your pet. Made from 100% wool felt, it’s eco-friendly and can be easily cleaned; making it a safe, simple and effective way of providing a comfortable bed for your furry friend. The temperature regulating properties of wool also create a perfect retreat for your cat. Overall, it is a beautiful product that will keep your pet warm in the winter and cool during summer.

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Details of  Tendril Design Felt Cat Cave

☆ Colors: Available in 20 best hand-picked colors.

(CUSTOMIZATION will require additional 5-10 business days for fulfillment)

☆ 100% Pure Wool/Felt from New Zealand
☆ Pure Handmade
☆ Eco-Friendly
☆ Made using felting/needling technique
☆ Azo-free dyes
☆ Lead time 45 – 90 days + shipping
☆ Color: White B: Brown C: Beige D: Grey E: Pink F: Blue G: Purple H: Orange
☆ MEASUREMENTS: -Height: 38cm approx. -Base: 40cm approx. -Opening: 17cm approx. -Tail: 54cm approx.

☆ Due to the handmade nature, the product size, thickness, and shape may vary slightly in actuality.
☆ Due to different color resolution devices, the color can differ slightly in person.
☆ If you are looking for the EXACT SIZE, just send us a quick note before or after placing an order.


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