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Are searching for Tree Design Singing Bowls at wholesale? These beautiful Tibetan singing bowls sing effectively and produce a rich, consonant, and mitigating sound that goes on for a long length. Together they produce vivacious and vibrating sounds which gave peaceful relaxation.


These singing bowls have been utilized for meditation, music, relaxation, individual prosperity, healing energy and chakra creation and so on. They are utilized by a great many experts, including wellbeing experts, teachers, performers and otherworldly instructors.


Tree Design Singing Bowls are utilized in medical care by psychotherapists, rub advisors, malignant growth, and stress and meditation subject matter experts. They are utilized to assist with treating disease patients and furthermore for post-horrendous pressure issues.. These singing bowls were made in Nepal


➡ Size Customization
➡ Machine Made in Nepal
➡ Bowls 10.5 CM in Diameter
➡ Bowl Weight: 380grams approx
➡ Wooden Drum Stick  13CM/2.5CM (70Gram)
➡ Deep Long Lasting Smooth Sound.
➡ Best for Meditation, Yoga Practice, Chakra Balance and Mindfulness.
➡ Ideal gift for him/her or anyone singing bowl enthusiastic.
➡ Blessed by Monk before shipping from Nepal(Optional).


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Tree Design Singing Bowls

Comprised of the eight metals representing different planetary influences:

* Gold = the Sun
* Silver = the Moon
* Mercury = Mercury
* Copper = Venus
* Iron = Mars
* Tin = Jupiter
* Lead = Saturn
* Zinc=Uranus

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Weight 450 g


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